12 Science Netflix Shows for Kids

Informative should not be boring.

Moms and dads fear not. These Science Netflix shows for kids are super fun and educational, you can let your little ones sit and watch while you go about doing your chores. Of course, you should still keep one eye out for them.

Science Netflix Shows for Kids
Images: Netflix

1. Brainchild

Science explained in a way that’s easily digestible is what it’s about. From germs to social media, and even emotions, this family-friendly series will have your child asking questions. So you’d better be ready for a lot of queries.

2. If I were an Animal

What is it about animals that fascinate kids? Join Emma and her big brother Tim as they explore the different stages of each species life. Each episode features a different animal, from conception to adulthood, and more.

3. Ask the Storybots

What Science Netflix Show for Kids would be complete without animation? These inquisitive little creatures will catch your child’s eye as they seek out the answers to all the Whys, Hows, and Where’s of life.

4. Octonauts

What goes on under the surface of the water? Octonauts is a team of brave divers combing the depths of the ocean in search of marine life all while sharing in their deep-sea adventures. Hold your breath for this one!

Science Netflix Shows for Kids
Images: Netflix

5. Emily’s Wonder Lab

Emily Calandrelli uses steam for her fun-filled experiments. The best part is she does it at home! Here’s one show that gets the mind thinking. Experiments have never been this colorful!

6. Tiny Creatures

These little creatures travel across various states in dramatic fashion, sharing their big adventures as to how they adapt and survive. It’s a peek into their much smaller, hidden world guaranteed to get your little one’s attention.

7. The Magic School Bus And The Magic School Bus Rides Again

It may be a Science Netflix shows for kids list but this series has adventure written all over it. The kids from Walkerville Elementary drive their point home with this science-fueled series packed with exploration and answers.

8. Dream Big

This documentary focuses on the engineering aspect of science. Even dad will enjoy this one! So sit back and enjoy all the big and small engineering feats that help make our lives better.

Science Netflix Shows for Kids
Images: Netflix

9. Bill Nye

American mechanical engineer, science communicator, and television presenter Bill Nye helps viewers understand the world of science and how it benefits our daily lives. This bow-tied genius is as entertaining and as informative as they come.

10. Our Planet

Discover the planet’s natural beauty and how climate change affects all living creatures in this documentary of wonders guaranteed to get your kids wide-eyed and curious to know more. Oh and it stars David Attenborough. That alone is enough reason to watch!

11. Oh Yuck!

As far as science-based shows go, this one will have the kids squirming in their seats. Dr. Yuck and his cast of eccentric colleagues make learning fun, albeit, in a weird sort of way. Cartoons and comedy lighten up the scientific facts though!

12. Sid the Science Kid

Sid wants to be in stand-up comedy, and every morning pitches a question on his stuffed animals which has him searching for the answer the whole day. Similar to a child’s insatiable curiosity, this show has your kid wanting to know the answers to each burning question.

These Science Netflix shows for kids are here to guarantee that your little me is fed educational information all while having some fun. Plus it’s a great way to have a little time all to yourself. Thank us later!


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